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Charged with a crime? Kraus-Parr, Morrow, Weber provide criminal defense for misdemeanor and felony cases. Grand Forks North Dakota East Grand Forks Minnesota

Are you facing a criminal charge? Criminal law is complicated and can often get overwhelming. At Kraus-Parr, Morrow, Weber Law Firm, we’re determined to provide superior representation to you. We understand that you don’t deserve to be mistreated just because you have committed an offense.

A criminal offense can damage your reputation irrevocably. If you are facing a criminal charge, you must understand that it will not always result in a conviction. Give us a call today and we will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Get Aggressive Representation For Your Criminal Charge

In every case we manage, we do a proper assortment of proof and analysis. If adequate proof of innocence is found, our criminal law attorneys leverage the case for the advantage of the defendant.

Our lawyers are also skilled in discovering any hidden proof, mitigating factors, and unknown witnesses that might help strengthen your case. These require the effective utilization of cross-examination which is an extensive questioning along with other alternative theory presentation to assure a fair trial.

Kraus-Parr, Morrow, Weber practices in all areas of criminal law and civil law. We provide criminal defense for misdemeanor and felony cases. Grand Forks North Dakota East Grand Forks Minnesota

In cases where the outcome is not desirable, our attorneys have the knowledge on how to find grounds needed for filing an appeal for you. Moreover, in the process of expungement and if your case must be removed from their files, our lawyers understand how to go about it.

If you have been convicted in the past, then the probability is high that the current case might be taken against you. It is even worse when the past case is related to the current, and the court could be hard on you.

Confront Your Criminal Charge With Confidence 

Working with our experienced criminal law attorneys is the best idea. Each of our lawyers has undergone an extensive review to ensure that they exceed the set legal guidelines. 

We have handled hundreds of cases and we have a proven track record of successful criminal defense for clients in Grand Forks and the surrounding area. Call us at 701-772-8991 for your FREE consultation today! Or fill out our online contact form to get started.